NEW HOUSE SYSTEM tiles guarantee perfect thermal insulation and excellent waterproofing for flat roofs. They do away with thermal bridges and withstand a very heavy operating load, up to 1,000 kg / m²! Our tiles complement the good thermal insulation of the walls, thanks to continuous parapets. When used for a floor slab or an intermediate slab, the slabs allow the temperature of each level to be controlled independently. Thanks to metal beams, they offer great ease of fixing by self-drilling stud: false ceilings, electrical ducts, lighting. NEW HOUSE SYSTEM slabs allow all types of finishing on rails (BA13 for example).

They are ideally suited for insulating crawl spaces and basements. The tiles form a real thermal barrier for comfort that will guarantee good thermal performance for the whole house. Due to their great resistance, the slabs are perfectly suited to seismic or floodable areas, to clayey soils and offer construction protection against mining damage.


In a simple intervention, you perform 4 complex operations to make your concrete slab: installation of the formwork, installation of insulation, air tightness, removal of thermal bridges.

Insulating formwork slab

The insulating formwork slabs constitute a real thermal barrier! They offer exceptional thermal insulation, allow free spans up to more than 8 meters and guarantee permanent and operating loads of more than 1,000 kg per m². ADEPLAST BENELUX analyzes and carries out free studies, plans and resistance calculations for your concrete slabs according to the regulations in force. Insulating tiles belong to the family of ribbed concrete floors and meet European standards defined by Eurocodes.

What you must take into account to define your concrete slabs:

• Standing loads: these are the weights of loads relating to floor coverings, ceilings and partitions, as well as one-off loads such as fireplaces, furniture and occupants. For individual accommodation, the operating load is estimated at around 350Kg / m².

• Free span: this is the distance between two primary walls (load-bearing walls) or two secondary walls (slits or intermediate beams).

• Terrace and roof terrace: watch out for climatic overloads (rain, snow), waterproofing and layout.

Insulating roof panels

NEW HOUSE SYSTEM roofing panels can be used with all types of architecture, construction and finish. Compliant with RT 2012 and ready for the Environmental Regulation RE 2020, they offer exceptional thermal insulation and perfect airtightness in the attic and throughout the house. Easy to install, they incorporate load-bearing metal rafters which ensure the solidity of the roof!


In one operation, you make 3 complexes in traditional construction: installing rafters, installing insulation and waterproofing.