Decorative epoxy flooring

We have a team of experts who will examine your floor and show you our variety of colors, textures and different flooring systems. We specialize in high performance flooring so that you know you are getting the best when you choose Xtreme polishing for your job. We will refurbish your old concrete surface and give new life to your floor. Our decorative concrete company can use a clear matrix with a colored aggregate or apply a combination of the two to achieve almost any flooring color.

Advantages of decorative epoxy floors

Seamless and waterproof: dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate or settle in the ground.

Cleanable: the more layers you apply, the smoother the surface.

Resistant to chemicals: soils can resist chemical attack by water, sugars, acids, solvents and caustics.

Durable and impact resistant: epoxy flooring is tough whether you apply a flexible coating or a thick poured floor.

Decorative: The floors are in decorative pigmented resin - user or in colored quartz aggregates.

Where you can install our decorative epoxy flooring

Restaurants, kitchens, dinners, sports pubs, pizzerias, food processing plants, warehouses, retail stores, lounges, offices, toilets, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hallways, garages, patios, laundries, pool decks, children's play areas, sidewalks and much more.

The key to the success of our decorative concrete finishes lies in the qualified preparation of your support floor. The surface to be coated must be clean, free of old coatings and prepared. Most seamless flooring systems offer practically limitless design possibilities. Choose your color, design, gloss index and finish texture.

Our floors are accompanied by expert advice, a range of tailor-made options and the equipment necessary to properly carry out large-scale work. We buy our materials from suppliers renowned for their high quality and longevity. As a decorative concrete company, we are always preferred for our expertise, our stability and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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